My favourite quote

“Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded.”

Jess Lair


4 thoughts on “My favourite quote

  1. Hi Justine,

    I agree with this quote. Working with children and families I came across many parents who want to mold their children into what they want to be instead of allowing them to follow their own path. I have a good friend who is like this as well.

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  2. A Note of Thanks and Support

    Justine, it is good as an educator to know where you want to be at in the future. You also know where you yourself want to be at in the future as well. I have learned a lot from you with the ideas you posted in your blog, as we as in the student lounge. You truly show that you have a love for children as well as the early childhood profession. I hope in your future endeavors, you hold that same love of both. It was really enjoyable to go through this class with you and learn from the ideas you have posted.

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