My most loved children’s story

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

The story is about a mouse who goes for a walk through the woods and comes across dangeorus animals that want to eat him, namely a fox, owl and a snake. As he comes across them in the woods, they invite him to their home for a meal. The clever mouse says no to each animal and explains he is going to have a meal with his friend the Grufallo- which there is no such friend. The Grufallo is a scary monster-like animal (half buffalo and half bear). The mouse describes how scary his friend the Gruffalo looks and what his favourite food is and it just so happens his favourite food is a fox, owl and snake. When these animals hear this, they run away.

Towards the end of the story the mouse actually comes across a real Gruffalo and the mouse thinks he is even smarter than he thought because his mind invented the Gruffalo. When the mouse meets the Gruffalo, the Gruffalo wants to eat the mouse. The mouse once again uses his cunning tactics and tells the Gruffalo that he is the scariest animal in the woods and feared by everyone and he should not be eaten. Gruffalo then follows the mouse to see if he is indeed the scariest animal in the woods and to the Gruffalo’s surprise he is, as the fox, owl and snake quickly disappear when they see the mouse. The mouse continues to exploit his scaryness and the Gruffalo begins to fear the mouse and runs away too.

I love this story of the Gruffalo and I made hand puppets to use when reading the story to my class. The Gruffalo story is easy to read along with children, it makes them laugh, imagine, recite the repetitive words in the story which develops their verbal skills. The story also has wonderful illustrations which brings the story to life and the story allows the children to get into character too.

The Gruffalo is a tale that keeps the children intrigued and makes them excited as to what will  happen from page to page.



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