Developing Childhood Quotes

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Child development is all about laughs, hurdles and happy moments, children just need to begin by playing, exploring, experiencing, taking risks, experimenting, problem solve and reflect on what they have learnt, as the world is their oyster.

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If there is one aspect of Child development I have learnt about is that children’s brains are impressionable, sensitive and easily affected, what they experience in their early life will determine their life as an adult!

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Sincere thank you to DJ Teacher and Maggie for constantly commenting on my blog posts and encouraging me to think, question and analyze my own ideas and thoughts throughout this Child Development module. You nudge me to be and become a better educator! I wish you and all my other online colleagues the best in your future modules. You can do it!



4 thoughts on “Developing Childhood Quotes

  1. Hi Justine,
    I think the quote by Andrew Garner that you have posted really summarizes so much of what we have learned in our course. So much brain development takes place prenatally and during the early years, and much of that is directly impacted by the environments in which children live and play. I think that this needs to be shared with policymakers, especially those who are considering cuts to early childhood, prenatal, and family-centered programs. Investing in the early years is crucial to promoting healthy brain development for all children.

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  2. Your quotes are very inspiring and really reach early childhood and the children we teach with a true passion. I hope you have much success in your future classes, I enjoyed reading your blogs from the international point of view they were very informative. Maybe we will meet again in our next class and be in the same group again. 🙂

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  3. Justine,
    I really enjoyed reading your quotes especially the one by Andrew Garner. We have learned so much during this course about the impact of early childhood experiences on their development and life as an adult. Reading your discussions and blog posts encouraged me to find the deeper meaning in the many concepts we have learned. I wish you luck in the next course and I hope we cross paths in the future.


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  4. I really enjoy anything by Dr. Seuss and the quote is exactly what goes on in a child’s world. This course have taught me so much more about begin a good early childhood educator. Even though I did not post a comment to your post I read each one and found all of them to be an awesome job well done. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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