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The organisation I chose in the previous week to learn more about is the Global Fund for Children:

As previously mentioned in my blog post of last week this organisation helps children from all around the world who are in terrible situations such as child trafficking, working on mines, working as slaves, soldiers, refugees and so forth. The Global Fund for Children works along with grassroots organizations that find and invest in small, local led organisations where cash grants, services help to achieve their goals of helping children in their areas. The fund helps these local organisations by:

  • Providing management assistance.
  • Capacity building expertise.
  • Networking opportunities to increase growth.
  • Financial support to increase their visibility to future donors who can help them help more children in the years to come.

Although I did not receive an email from Global Fund for Children this past week, other than a welcoming email to say thanks for joining. I came across the heading “Our Impact” and I was glad to see that under this heading they give a detailed explanation of how they operate and make an impact. One of the sub-headings were “We find what works” and this reminded be of the video segment this week by Laureate Education (2011) where Dr. Grace had mentioned that we need to realise how society is changing and find a way to accept these changes and help multi-cultural families the best way we can to suit their needs. This is exactly what Global Fund for Children do they look for already established small organisations and help fund their efforts to help those children in that particular area take care of their specific needs.

Another interesting fact I picked up on when reading more about this organisation is that up until now they have helped more than 10 million children by giving more than 34 million dollars in grants to more than 600 grassroots organizations in 78 countries.


Pic 2.jpg


Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2011). Issues and trends in the early childhood field: The effects of changing demographics and diversity on children, families, and the early childhood field [Video webcast]. Retrieved from



5 thoughts on “Sharing Web Resources

  1. Hello Justine, the Global Fund for Children is a great organization. I also chose an international organization this week. This is because I wanted to use this opportunity to learn more about what is happening outside my context of the United States. Understanding this will help me to see issues and trends from more perspective. Do you feel the same? I like how the Global Fund for Children works with organizations that have already been established. This helps those who are already on the right track and have the right ideas; they may just need a little assistance. It seems as if they will be able to help many children this way; and by what you say it sounds as if they already have.

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  2. Hello Brittany,
    I would like to get to know this organization as well. I remember seeing them in commercials many years ago and it was advertised alongside CNN International news. It’s great to have such international organization that solely focus in helping finance various services for children worldwide. Thank you for sharing it. I look forward to gain more information through your posts.


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