Final blog assignment

Upon reflecting, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying this module. I have learnt about so many issues and trends that have either a positive or negative impact on children, families, early childhood educators and early childhood education as a whole.

As a result of thinking back to when I began this module until now, I have seen an immense growth in my knowledge and understanding of the international early childhood field in my personal and professional development.

I have personally and professionally been inspired to make my family, friends and colleagues more informed about the issues that are affecting society and how we can all make a difference in small or big ways. I have learnt to take responsibility to help and assist those who are in need or affected and not ‘pass the buck’. I was also reminded that everyone has a story to tell and every child and family that comes into my classroom, has a story to tell and how important it is for me to meet them where they are at and try my best to support, care and create a safe environment for them at school regardless of their situation.

I have also learnt when speaking to my international contacts, to not assume that they do not experience the same issues, where in actual fact they do, there is commonality and that there are inequities in education across all countries. I was certainly taken aback learning how so many children and families still in this day in age, in many countries are treated unfairly due to the colour of their skin, their culture, their economic status and so forth. It is so sad to also learn that educators are not given the support they need in schools, as government do not consider certain areas to be worthy of support. Therefore the only way this can all change, is if we as educators advocate for each other, the early childhood field and children and families.

Due to all the knowledge and learning I have gained in the module I have created a goal for myself to continue to be internationally minded and aware of the issues and trends affecting children, families, educators and early childhood education to advocate and ensure care and equity is given to all because knowledge is power and with the necessary knowledge, we can slowly overcome the different issues we all face in the early childhood field.




4 thoughts on “Final blog assignment

  1. Hi Justin, I enjoyed reading your blog post and yes the more connections we make with our mentors and colleagues the more interesting our journey through higher education will become. I noticed you have written very detailed discussion boards and blog post. You will truly reach your goal as an educator or advocate for children.


  2. Hi Justine, when we make connections with colleagues and mentors the more open we are to others! I enjoy all of your posts! You will truly reach your goal as an educator! Keep striving and I will too!


  3. Justine,
    I am glad that your knowledge and understanding of the international field have increased. I know that you will be a continued success in this field, and I wish you all the best.


  4. Hi Justine,
    You are right everyone does have a story to tell and we do need to take in consideration of each situation. Even when doing research you see so much that are the same in our area that they are experiencing in their area. I’, glad we had the opportunity to gain great knowledge and I wish you the bet of luck!


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