My Personal Research Journey

Wow, what an eye-opener this module has been for me so far and it is only Week 2. I am very thankful that a module has come up that can teach me how to decipher credible and non-credible sources through various tools, guidelines and checklists. It is also wonderful to learn step-by-step how to go through the research process.

The topic I have chosen to further research is teaching and learning strategies for dual language children and the subtopic I have chosen to simulate the next few weeks is how to support and involve parents whose second language is English, in their child’s learning at home and at school This topic is relevant to my current teaching position, where I teach both Chinese and international children in an international school in Shenzhen, China. Dual language learning is also a universal issue, as most schools around the world are home to many children who speak different languages and therefore I would like to know how best to meet the needs of these children and families in a classroom and school environment.

I must say that it was not easy to simulate my topic as it can be broad and a lot of research is out there that is either credible or non-credible and more often than not a researchers opinion. However I look forward to learning more about this topic, as it is relevant for me and our day in age.

Upon constructing the research chart this week, I have certainly learnt many technical, valid and relevant terms about research and find it helpful that at the back of our required text book is a glossary. I enjoyed that the chart practically helped me to understand technical terms or words a bit better, understand the different phases of research and that upon learning all of the above to reflect on what I have learnt.

I am interested to know from others how you have found the research process thus far, what resources have been helpful to understand the research process a lot more?

Since I am an auditory and visual learner I found the following video helpful this week which speaks about Evaluating sources for Credibility.



2 thoughts on “My Personal Research Journey

  1. Justice,
    You have picked a good topic. While I am an English as a Second Language teacher, I have not utilized my skills in a few years. I currently do ECE I am a licensed elementary school teacher as well. I found dual language to be a tremendous conflict because in ECE we are taught to do all we can to bring the native language into the classroom while in elementary schools we perform ESOL instruction which removes the native language. Any thoughts?


  2. Hi Justine,
    I am so excited to learn how to evaluate research articles too. The impact is that now I can only reserch with only credible materials. However, what stood out for me was from last week – I learned how to read through research paper so fast focusing on the key area.

    I also feel that the topic you chose on Dual Language Learners is very useful, especially with the changing demographic in the US due to the proliferation of migrant workers.



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