Research Around the World

The influential website I chose to focus on is the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA)

Upon reading more about the above association, I have seen they have an immense amount of research articles across all educational fields and not just in early childhood education. However, there were a few international early childhood educational research articles that caught my attention, namely:

  • The Black baby doll doesn’t fit the disconnect between early childhood diversity policy, early childhood educator practice, and children’s play

This article explored how multicultural policy approaches, which mandate the inclusion of culturally and ethnically ‘diverse’ play materials in early childhood classrooms influence the pedagogical practice of educators and, in turn, children’s play and social interactions.

  • Relationships in early childhood education – beyond the professional into the personal within the teacher–child dyad: relationships ‘that ripple in the pond’

This article extends upon earlier research by exploring the concept of a networked dimension of teachers’ personal relationships and how they inform their perceptions of their relationships with children within a dynamic system.

Upon looking over this website and reading information in the website, I found it profoundly interesting and helpful to know that there is a website such as this, where one can have easy access to the latest research on early childhood education, it was encouraging to see that there is a section on the website called SIGS, which stands for Special Interest Groups. If you are a member of EECERA you can participate in these special groups. The educational groups you can be apart of and to name a few are:

It was also noteworthy to know that EECERA hold annual educational conferences around the world for their members on a variety of topics. Just recently a conference was held in Dublin, Ireland and the topic was HAPPINESS, RELATIONSHIPS, EMOTION & DEEP LEVEL LEARNING in Early Childhood Education.




2 thoughts on “Research Around the World

  1. Hello Justine, it sounds as if many of the issues associated with EECERA are the same as issues in Australia (the website I chose to explore) and in the United States. I think that all early childhood professionals are concerned with the same topics of equality, inclusion, and fairness for all children. As technology has advanced professionals have been better able to understand exactly what would lead to these outcomes. Therefore, all high quality and respected organizations work towards the same goals and study the same topics. The first article you mention sounds very interesting and I would be interested and exploring it further. Thank you for sharing a new resource that I can use associated with cultural diversity and understanding.


  2. Hi Justine,
    You chose good website. EECERA in europe and Nayec in united state seems to be similar. They members participates in birth to three nd many other groups. I looked over the website and it is great. Thanks for posting.


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