When I think of research

This has been a truly amazing course and I have learnt so much about what it means to be a true researcher. I have learnt that just as facts and data are important we also need to remember that research needs to be treated with equity, fairness, justice and equality.

I have certainly learnt how to practically organise a research study, where detail to the minor and major areas of the research are likewise important and pertinent to the study. It has been great to receive guidance from colleagues and Dr. Dartt, so thank you, as research always seems to be a daunting task and although I may still not be overly enthusiastic about it, this course has certainly helped the topic of research become less of a burden and a scary thought, than what it was before, as I now know how to bring a research study together.

With regards to planning, designing and conducting research in early childhood, I have learnt to take my big question, idea or thought about aspects of education and narrow it down to a topic or question that is manageable to research. I have also learnt that designing my research, requires a step-by-step process, where you take time to think how best to answer your topic or question and making sure that the research study is transparent for all who participate in it.

I definitely found it a challenge to narrow down my topic from a big idea into a more defined, accurate and manageable topic or question. I also found that it was not easy to adjust my topic or question into a qualitative, quantitative or mixed method research study. However with the help of Dr. Dartt, the course readings and personal research, I found it less challenging. Thank you!

To conclude this has been an eye-opener and I have learnt that I am not just a professional teacher, I am also a professional researcher that is becoming competent, confident and more positive about researching a variety of areas within early childhood education and that it is possible that I too can give back, help, provide information to many teachers in this world. Therefore one day you might just see my name pop up in a variety of published articles and books and I hope to see my fellow colleagues names pop up in published texts too, as we are all professional researchers!



3 thoughts on “When I think of research

  1. Justine you always have great posts! Thank you for helping me always with questions and concerns from different discussions. I do agree with the learning to organize the research I never knew about organizing any type of research because when I heard the term I immediately thought of headache headache! Thanks to this course I have such a better understanding. I also thank you as a wonderful classmate!


  2. Justine,
    It is truly inspiring to look back and see that in eight weeks we have developed so much new knowledge. As I read your post I can see your growth. Thank you for continuing on this journey with all of us. good luck in your future endeavors!


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