Professional hopes and goals

My hope is that I continue to be mindful and culturally-sensitive of what I think, say and do when working with children and families, as I believe that you can make or break children and families in an instant, especially when you knowingly or even unknowingly disrespect their family culture and their broader culture as a whole.

The goal I would like to set for early childhood educators around the issues of diversity, equity and social justice are to continue to work towards equity, fairness and justice and continually push against inequality and push for positive change.

To my fellow colleagues who have been with me in this module the last eight weeks, we made it, more dendrites in our brain grew, as our knowledge, empathy, understanding around the issues of diversity, equity and social justice grew. Keep on bringing about change in your personal and professional life in order for us to encourage the growth of a better and brighter society.

Most importantly I leave you with this, as I believe in this module were were given the:








3 thoughts on “Professional hopes and goals

  1. Justine,

    I think unknowlingly disrespecting a child or family is the most frightening thing to me. I would never want to do that. Since this class I try to be even more mindful of the words I speak or even what I’m thinking internally. Thank you for your insight during this course. You are right – the change begins with each of us! Good luck with your future courses.


  2. Justine,
    I love that your goal is to help other educators have the same mindset that we have gained from this class. I love the way you ended your blog with pictures instead of words. You are right, we were given the ticket. I have enjoyed this class with you.



  3. You are so right about making or breaking the families in an instant. I had an experience recently with someone I went to for a personal concern. The way she judged and treated me has made it very difficult for me to get over. As an educator it is essential to choose our words carefully and take every interaction as learning opportunity! I love the motivation pictures you included…thank you 🙂


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