Competent Communicator

1The person I have chosen that I think is a competent communicator in his profession would be my father. My father is a Technical Sales and Marketing Manager. He is a competent communicator because;

  • He has what they call ‘the gift of the gab’ his ability to make conversations with customers about a variety of topics and issues in the world is astounding and more often than not he gets business not by talking about work but about sports.
  • His knowledge of the industry he works in is amazing.
  • He took to heart what his father taught him, that there is an art to conversation and to form relationships and listen to his customers.
  • He is warm, calm, clear, sincere, respectful and has a sense of humour that customers after a long day of work appreciate.
  • He also cares for his customers and deals with complaints immediately.

I believe I do model and take after my fathers’s communication skills, as from a little girl he taught me how to communicate with others on a personal level and a business level, as I consider parents in my classroom as my “customers” because many schools are businesses and if their children are happy they will be happy too. I am calm, sincere, I consider myself to have an open and warm relationship with my children and parents and often told they appreciate that.

I continue to learn from my father and strive to be an effective communicator.


2 thoughts on “Competent Communicator

  1. Hello Justine, it is great that your father has been such a role model in your life. This helps you to be prepared to communicate professionally and respectfully. I’m glad you have such warm relationships with your students; and I also believe it is important to stay calm and sincere. Great post, I look forward to reading more throughout this course.


  2. I agree that the “gift of gab” can be a benefit in being an effective communicator, but I can also think of it as being a downside. I can think of numerous experiences where the person I was talking to definitely had the gift of gab and had no problem talking to me, but they wanted to dominant the conversation and not take the time to actually listen to what I was saying or how I was answering the questions (it was almost like they asked them just to be polite, not because they really cared about my answer). Being comfortable around people and being able to talk on a variety of topics is great and I think puts both people in the conversation at ease, but there are still a lot of other factors that need to go into it as well that I don’t think everyone has mastered. Listening, pausing and giving the floor to others, asking questions, not dominating the conversation, etc….a lot of sales people I come across need to remember those things….the people I tend to come across the most that I have had this experience is when I have went car shopping. They never listen to what I want, how much I can spend, they nod their head and say “ya, ya”, but then walk me across the lot to show me the complete opposite of what I came in there for…


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