My Assessment as a Communicator

I think the biggest aspect of my assessment as a communicator, was that fact that I was harder on myself than what my father and my friend were when they assessed me. Which made me realise that I was once again hard on myself, when I should not be, as the saying goes “We are our own worst enemy.”

With regards to insights I gained this week, the first would be how anxiety can affect our communication, as at times after giving a speech to groups of people or crowds of people, I often over analyze what I have said and talk to friends or family and recount parts of my speech that I could have communicated better and focused more on. Which personally and professionally I have now learnt to rather focus more on the positive aspects of my speech and how positively the audience reacted to my speech.

I further learnt how calm I actually am when someone offends or hurts me instead of being aggressive and reacting to them and most importantly how aggression or negative reactions to others affects effective communication. As a result, both personally and professionally I believe it is a skill to learn to be calm and not react negatively, which I thank my parents for teaching me this, as well as how my early years teachers consistently encouraged effective communication by role playing scenarios in the classroom which taught us how one can react but how we should rather react.

Last but not least I learnt that the most effective form of communication is when:




3 thoughts on “My Assessment as a Communicator

  1. It is often weird to watch people get angry during a compromised communication. I have learned to deflect such behavior and wonder why others just don’t walk away. The test affirmed some of these skills but also bought some to light. Which test did you enjoy more?


  2. The scored myself was not too different from how others scored me. However, the amount of time it too for me to assess myself was about 3 times as long as it took them. I had a really hard time figuring out what answers to mark for some. When it comes to the aggressiveness, I can get aggressive with my teenage son (such as using a firmer voice, snipping back when he’s talking back). I would not do that with anyone else, but since I do do it sometimes, It was hard for me to answer. With the anxiety it was the same thing, I can talk without any nervousness in some crowds and in others I cannot. I think taking the evaluations themselves gave me the more anxiety than speaking:)


  3. After this week I realize that anxiety can play a important part when it comes to communicating well. I remember when I was in college years ago and I had herd some things about my professor being so hard and not caring for students. I had worked myself up so to the point I was shaking when it was time for me to go in front of the class to do my speech. Needless to say I did all that for nothing, my professor loved my speech and told me to relax the next time.


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