Disagreements, or conflicts, I have recently experienced.

1.pngThe recent conflict I had was from my Chinese co-teacher. Our Principal had asked him to do something by a certain day and give it to our class parent, however the day came and I asked him if he had done it and he said no. So I asked him why, as he has had more than enough time in the week to do the task. As a result, I said to him he needs to complete the task today and give it to the class parent. He replied to me and said “I will just call in sick this afternoon then and will not be able to do it” Therefore, I replied and said “That is perfectly fine, I will just go down to the principal and tell her the reason why you are sick all of a sudden.” He replied “I do not care” and sang this for five minutes. I then decided to let it go, keep quiet and no longer confront him. Later in the day he came over to me and apologised for his behaviour and in his words “I apologise for my disobedience.”

On hein sight neither of us behaved correctly, as although I am the head teacher in the class, I did threaten to report him to the Principal if he called in sick and he became defensive immediately. As a result, I had to cool the situation down quickly, as although I did not show disrespect to him from the beginning of the conversation, I did realise my threat was disrespectful and this was reciprocal in the way he responded to my threat by singing “I do not care.” Therefore, in this situation I realised I had to keep quiet, calm down, breathe and smile and so although it took him three hours to apologise, we made amends eventually. I am interested to know how my fellow colleagues believe I should of handled this situation? As it is difficult to reason and be non-defensive in a conflict. Furthermore, any other conflict resolution skills that my fellow colleagues can advise in order for me to become a more effective communicator in my working relationship with my co-teacher?







5 thoughts on “Disagreements, or conflicts, I have recently experienced.

  1. I have the advantage/disadvantage of not having to work with co-workers as I own my own program and am a sole proprietor. But I do have positions on various boards and committees where there may be timelines. Had I been working with someone that was given a task that was due by a particular date, I would first be checking in to see how far they have gotten on the task, do they need help or support to accomplish it. The closer it go to the date and if it still wasn’t done, I would ask them what barriers they are facing because there must be some if it is not getting completed. If it was still not getting done, I would probably go ahead and do it myself. Being co-workers, the task not getting done is also a reflection on me and my classroom. I’m not sure completing a task for someone is the right thing to do, but it was something that needed to be done for the classroom I’m working in, so ultimately it was something that I am a part of.

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  2. Wow, your experience sounds like you were able to learn and grow from the situation happening, like I did as I addressed in my blog. As I was once a teacher before and even when I was in grad school, I would also complete the hard work for the group because I never wanted to get a bad grade/score solely because of someone’s neglect.

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  3. Hi Tracy, thank you for your feedback, I unfortunately could not help with this task as translation needed to be done from English to Chinese, so I was stuck and he had two recipes in which to translate, which were really easy and he just did not do it. This is not a once off situation, he has done this to me a few times and there are things I then could complete by myself and did, but could not do this task on my own. x


    • Hi LaVette, I appreciate your feedback, but felt the word ‘childish’ was a bit harsh, as co-teaching is not easy at all and as previously said, this has happened numerous times and you kind of get tired of the same thing happening over again, especially when you have been nice about it over and over again, as well as straight forward. I think instead of asking me what I could have done differently and you think it is childish, let me know how I could have handled it differently with constructive criticism, especially if one has exhausted most options throughout a whole year of working?


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