Final stage of team work: Adjourning

1.jpgThere have been many instances growing up where I have been apart of teams and in many respects it has been heart-wrenching to say goodbye especially when a team has reached the adjourning stage, as you have created something out of nothing and from scratch and by creating or achieving this something, you have laughed, argued and shed tears over teething processes and perhaps decisions or ideas that have worked or have not worked or foresee not working. I think the group or team that will be the hardest for me to leave, is the current school team I am apart of, as we were given an opportunity to be apart of creating and opening a school that aspires to be great and a lot of sweat and tears of hard work have gone into it. I do not believe my current school team is at the adjourning stage yet, as I believe it is still going through many teething processes. However, one of the teams I am apart of in the school, is the Language Committee and we will soon reach the adjourning stage and this will not be easy as we have established a process of how to work and bring ideas together. We have created a closely knit team that has achieved a lot in a short space of time for the school curriculum and to be honest does anyone like to leave a team that you have worked so hard for and on? Furthermore, does anyone really like change, especially if change happens quickly and another group or committee is formed with new members for another aspect of the curriculum? If I was to be honest to theses questions, it is a big NO from me as I am a creature of comfort, however change is necessary and needed for something to continue to grow bigger and better. I hope that in the adjourning stage of this team we can be commended for our efforts from leadership and celebrate what we have achieved.

If I were to reflect on adjourning from my current group of colleagues in my master’s program, it will feel strange and sad but hopefully we will keep in contact with each other and perhaps meet each other in future courses.

In closing, adjourning is important as it is a time for team members and leadership to reflect, recognise and commend each other on what they have effectively done and achieved to get the team to where it is.


5 thoughts on “Final stage of team work: Adjourning

  1. Hi Justine, great post. I do agree we build it from scratch and shed tears. I really hope we can stay in touch after all of this because of you guys you have kept me motivated as a colleague. Thank you! I do not like the adjourning stage, but we all know it is coming soon. thanks for sharing.


  2. I will miss you also Justine. You always have very good post. I can count on you to leave and evaluate the information fully. I hope the school comes together and is as promising as you hope. Thank you for being consistent through this class. You have made our work easier.


  3. Most groups I am a part of keep members on them until the members do not want to be part of that group or change jobs or retire. However, I am a part of a group that decided that they are going to do a tapered end date for each member. So the first set of members will leave the group in 2 years, new members will come on to replace them, and that next year the other half of members will leave and new members will replace them. I understand keeping fresh blood on a team can be good, but this group, like you, we were the original members and helped create something. I want to be able to stay in the group longer as I was there from the beginning in the planning stage and want to see more of the growth. Luckily, we do have the chance to get back on the group in the future after we have already served a term and left, so I’ll just cross my fingers and hope I can join it again in the future.


  4. Although adjourning is a difficult and last phase it can also shed some much needed light on the progress of the group. When adjourning the team discuss what went well versus what didn’t, they talk about things that could have enhanced the process of what they were meeting for in the first place. During this time some will eventually exchange information to keep in contact with those who they made a bond with. When the group is in this phase they also gain knowledge on how they can have a better outcome the next time.


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