All the best!

To all my fellow colleagues who are now almost masters in effective communication and collaboration, I wish you the best in your journey to achieving your masters. I do hope to cross paths with many of you in our future courses, however if I do not, never lose hope and passion for early childhood education and the children you care for on a daily basis.

It has been a great eight weeks of learning. We certainly know in more detail what effective communication and collaboration looks like and does not look like. Never forget to be respectful, assertive, compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable, kind, culturally competent and open-minded when dealing with people and children around you.

Remember we are ALMOST masters in effective communication and collaboration so continue to be mindful that:




5 thoughts on “All the best!

  1. I would like to say thank you for sharing so much with this class/group. I am thankful for people like you simply because I learn so much from others. I believe this was our first class together but I thank you for the knowledge you shared personal as well as from other areas. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to your Masters.


  2. Justine! it is nice to adjourn with someone whom is a previous classmate. I am thankful for how much information you have provided not only to myself, but to the class. You have helped me so much in ways that I can’t even express. Thank you for being you and also teaching us about more effective communication! Hopefully to see you soon!


  3. Justine,
    Thank you for always sharing such great information regarding education trends. Wow!! I cant believe that we are almost complete with this program, I remember my very first class and stating that I was worried about this journey, and you assure me that every thing was going to be fine. THANK YOU!!!!


    • Justine,
      I appreciate your thoughtfulness throughout these past 8 weeks. I will consider that yes, we are now masters in communication and collaboration. We are the source for all thing productive. I look forward to the times when I can use these skills effectively. I thank you for being a contributor to the collaboration needed in this course.


  4. Justine-
    I appreciate all your contributions during the past 8 weeks. I really like the different perspectives that you give and reflection on experiences that you have outside of the United States. It is really helpful to hear from classmates that live in areas that are culturally different than where I live. I really like the quote you picked as well. Good luck in your future courses!


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