Creating Art: Diversity

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 21.29.57The above poster I created speaks about what I have learned the past few weeks on the topics of diversity in education and in the world we live in.

Can any of my online colleagues think about why I placed the word ‘fear’ on my poster?


One thought on “Creating Art: Diversity

  1. Hi Justine,

    I also chose to do a collage, you picked some wonderful examples of our learning’s during this course. To answer your question on why you placed the word fear on your poster? I believe as individuals we fear things that are different, whether it is a person, group, idea, or lifestyle. Many people are bias by nature or learned, which causes us to fear stepping out of our comfort zone or acknowledging another way. Most recently we have a rise in Xenophobia, a fear of people from other countries due to stereotypes learned. If people were to embrace differences and eradicate stereotypes and biases, fear would lessen and the opportunity to accept others for who they are will be possible.


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