What I Have Learned


One hope that I have when I think about working with children and families from diverse backgrounds is to:


This difference can be big or small and in order for me to make a difference in the lives of the children and families I come across, I hope to become more tolerant, accepting, mindful, empathetic and sensitive to their needs and differences.

One goal I would like to set for myself in the early childhood field with regards to issues of diversity, equity and social justice is to be more of an:


As I am already speaking more to colleagues, friends and family members about these issues, however I would like to become more apart of organisations that advocate for children and family rights.

Having learned so much in this course, I am extremely excited that I have chosen this subject as my specialisation. I am thankful that I have come across online study buddies who are just as passionate as me, who love children and the early childhood field and want to make a difference. I only wish all of you the best in your future courses, continue to challenge and change your thinking in order to be a better person, both personally and professionally.





3 thoughts on “What I Have Learned

  1. Veryl Hines
    Reply to Justine- Group 1 Blog Week 8

    Hi, Justine
    I would like to say …you have already made a difference. First of all, I chose to work and teach in this field and advocate for disadvantage children and families. According to (Derman-Sparks & Edwards, 2010), as anti- bias educators our individual actions matters as we become activist for social justice. As we continue our journey to become effective anti- bias educators, we must remember that the most important thing we have to offer the children and families we work with is ourselves.(Derman-Sparks, 2010).
    Also, I agree that as we grow and better ourselves, we need to collaborate with colleagues and share ideas and beliefs that will enhance our teaching skills, feelings, and attitudes that impact our performances.
    I would like to take this time to say thanks for making a difference and for your contribution as a colleague. Your comments, responses during these eight weeks have truly been helpful. Good luck as you continue your journey in life.


  2. It has been a pleasure learning with and from you. I love the goals and the messages. Your statements reflect that you are a true advocate for our young children. I wish you the best in your career


  3. Justine-
    I love that we have been in so many courses together and have gotten to continue to learn more about each other. I advocate for children on many levels, but I too would like to advocate more when it comes to social justice. Are you familiar with any organizations out there that do this? I need to do some research on that topic. I am also very excited that I choose this area as my specialization. In the beginning I was really torn on which area to choose but was really drawn to this one for some reason. As I continue to complete each course, I could not be happier that I picked this one and am amazed at how much more I am learning about myself.


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