Time well spent

What a journey we have all been through and we have come out breathing and even better people and educators for it. This course has often been overwhelming for me, however, it has really made me more passionate about early childhood education, its issues and trends that we can all help solve one step at a time.

This masters program has firstly taught me to be brave as an educator and advocate. It has taught me to look at issues and trends within the early childhood field in a holistic manner, and work alongside people who are already advocating for these issues and trends for guidance, knowledge, good practice and support. Furthermore, this program has taught me that children and families are our priority, and that we need to be mindful of them when considering policies and curriculums, and how the decisions we make about education will have an impact on their lives.

As a result, my one long term goal is to continue to advocate for inclusive education for all children in schools and train educators to be able to cope with the demands this brings upon them and the school.

I wish my online colleagues only the best in your future endeavors in your professional journey and always keep on keeping on, but remember to care for yourself first before you help others.

To Dr. Embree thank you for a wonderful last module. It was tough at times, but you were a light in a very dark place for me many times, especially when trying to narrow down my goals for my Capstone Project. Thank you for those newsletters too, they are a big help!!

I leave you all with my two favorite quotes of mine, as this is what we do everyday for the children we interact with and let us continue to prepare for a better education for our children through advocacy.

1 2


Here is my email address, as I would like to keep in contact with you all: justineeaton86@gmail.com

Good bye and so long!



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