My Connections to Play

Quotes that represent what play meant for me in my childhood

Play 1

play 2

There were only three things that I needed to play with to be a happy child:

Girl teacher enthusiastically looking at the notebook student

1. A willing friend to be a student.    2. Stationery.   3. Table and chair.


I think during my childhood the people who supported my play were my parents, my favourite pretend play was to be a school teacher and my parents needed to be the students. I had a small table that my parents had purchased for me and they would actually sit at this little table. I would have two books or pieces of paper out for them with all the stationery you could dream of and they would need to complete maths tasks or any other tasks I had set out for them. I would use red pen to mark their answers. I am an only child, so my parents were my friends and took the role perhaps a brother or sister would take during play times like this. They would even sit with me and have tea. I had a huge tea set collection and my mother, even my father- who does not drink tea would have the patience to sit and have tea and biscuits with me. Oh how I love my parents!

In my opinion play will always remain the same yesterday, today or tomorrow, play only changes according to age, but it is still play! Children are imaginative and creative beings that create things out of very little. I think the change comes when adults interrupt a child’s play. Children do not need us to interrupt or structure their play. Children make meaning and learn from their play regardless, or we need to do as adults is provide items to play with or solve, ask questions, observe and allow children to just be.

If there is one thing I know as an adult that I have missed and or forgotten about is continuing to play as an adult. When you are younger you live a generally carefree life and as you get older things become more serious and more is required from you, however I have learnt that although this happens just as play changes for young children as they become older, so does play change when you become a teenager and later an adult. I think play is not just essential for kids; it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults as well. Play for adults just means different things it can be playing with your romantic partner, friends, co-workers, pets, and children. All of this is still fun and still fuels your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional well-being. As a result I am of the view that play never ends, it just changes as you get older!


One thought on “My Connections to Play

  1. Justine, I really enjoyed reading your connections to play. I personally enjoyed the picture of the children pretending to play school and also your memories of playing school when you were younger. I can remember the excitement I experienced as a young child when I would play school with my friends. I enjoyed being the teacher, grading papers and giving out smiley faces on the complete papers. After while, my mom had gotten a computer, which no one could get me off of, because I would constantly pretend to play work. I can honestly say that playing on the computer at such a young age has strengthened my understanding of computers and computer programming. Again, i really enjoyed reading your blog this week.


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